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Double Union Ball Valve
  New Model Ball Valve(PN16)
  Plastic Ball Valve (PN10)
  PVC-U Long Ball Valve (PN10)
  New Models Ball Valve (PN16
Electric、Pneumatic Ball Valve and butterfly valve
  pneumatic butterfly valve
  Electric Ball Valve
  Pneumatic Ball Valve
Pipe Fittings
  one-pice flange
  blind flange
  coupling fitting
  PVC-U Plastic pipe
  bend pipes
  Plastic Tee
  Plastic Crosses
Check Valve
  wafer check valve
  Ball Check Valves
  Wafer Check Valve
  Bottom Ball Valve
simple ball valve and diaphragm valve
  simple ball valve
  diaphragm valve
butterfly valve
sampling valve and flange ball valve
  sampling valve
  flange ball valve
plastic screw
combination union and strainer
  combination union
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Ball valve suppliers. Zhejiang Jiashan Sanfa Plastic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, with superior location and convenient transportation,is professional producing industrial and civil using plastic products. The features of our products are anti-corrosion, non-toxic, beautiful, durable and resistance to thermal shock and erosion....More>>

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